JHU Graduate Students

ISM*@ST actively works with graduate students from Johns Hopkins University, and PIs in the group occasionally co-advise students from other institutions. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with any member of ISM*@ST feel free to reach out to them directly, or contact Josh Peek: jegpeek@stsci.edu

Remote Graduate Students

ISM*@ST has worked with graduate students from around the globe.  This includes joint PhDs carried out 50/50 between the home institution and STScI with the degree awarded by the home institution.  If you would like to discuss opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to contact Karl Gordon: kgordon@stsci.edu

Post Docs

We are hiring up to 4 postdoctoral researchers in Circumstellar/Interstellar Dust and Stellar Populations! 

You can also work with our group by applying to be a Hubble Fellow, NSF AAPF (through JHU), Giacconi Fellow,  Lasker Fellow, or STScI Fellow.


STScI Staff interested in joining the ISM*@ST group should contact one of the PIs.