Principal Investigators

These members have made a long-term commitment to full participation in the group. This includes regular attendance at group meetings and support of other group members through mentoring and/or grant funding.

Caroline Bot: Extragalactic ISM infrared emission

Martha Boyer: Evolved stars, Local galaxies

Christopher Clark: Dust properties in nearby galaxies

Karoline Gilbert: Nearby galaxies, M31, galaxy structure

Karl Gordon: Dust Grains; Absorption, Scattering, & Emission

Claire Murray: Galactic ISM structure; radio observations

Joshua Peek:  Diffuse Universe, Circumgalactic medium, Deep Learning

Julia Roman-Duval: Dust properties, lifecyle of metals, molecular clouds, star formation

Eddie Schlafly: Large Surveys, Interstellar Dust, Galactic Structure

Erik Tollerud: Resolved stellar pops, near field cosmology

Postdoctoral Researchers

These members are working on projects in collaboration with other group members, supported by grant funding and fellowships.

Hannah Bish: Circumgalactic medium and disk halo interface of the Milky Way, 3D dust

Lara Cullinane (JHU): Nearby galaxies, resolved stellar populations

Marjorie Decleir: Interstellar dust properties in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies

Aleksandra Hamanowicz: dust depletion in low-Z environments, CGM of Milky Way analogues

Dries Van De Putte: Photo-dissociation regions, IR emission bands, gas and dust radiative transfer, 

Petia Yanchulova Merica-Jones: Dust properties in nearby galaxies, galactic structure.

Logan Jones: Extragalactic star clusters, multi-phase metallicities, submillimeter galaxies

Burcu Günay: Physical and chemical evolution of dust and ice grains, carbon dust

Liz Tarantino: HII regions, feedback, PAHs, AGB stars

Chamani Gunasekara: Dust, CLOUDY (Fall 2024)

Graduate Students

These members are graduate students working on their PhDs with one or more of the Principal Investigators or Postdoctoral Researchers.

Christina Lindberg (JHU): Scylla

Annie Gao (JHU): 3D ISM

Lucie Correia (Strasbourg): Millimeter dust emission in Galaxies

Adjunct Investigators

These members have made a commitment to partial participation in the group through occasional attendance at group meetings at a minimum.

Brandon Lawton: Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs), ISM dust

Derck Massa: Hot stars, dust extinction

Ravi Sankrit: Supernova Remnants, Dusty Symbiotic Stars, Diffuse ISM

Tea Temim: Pulsar wind nebulae, SN dust production

Dan Welty: Dust, Depletions

John Wu: Galaxy evolution and the multiphase interstellar medium, deep learning, galaxy surveys

Past Members

Heddy Arab ⇒ Astronomical Observatory of Strasbourg

Jeremy Chastenet ⇒ UC San Diego

Samyaday Choudhury ⇒ Prof. at Amedhabad University 

Bram Ochsendorf ⇒ data science industry

Kirill Tchernyshyov ⇒ University of Washington

Lea Hagen: ⇒ data science industry

Katharina Lutz: ⇒ aerospace industry

Steve Goldman: ⇒ SOFIA

Michael Busch: NSF AAPF / UC San Diego

Yumi Choi: ⇒ Staff astronomer at NOIR Lab

Giada Pastorelli U Padua

Enrico Di Teodoro ⇒ Professor at U Florence

Catherine Zucker Lecturer / Astrophysicist at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory